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Artist Profile

Alex Nemirovsky

Born in Uzbekistan

Artist Profile

Alex Nemirovsky

Born in Uzbekistan

I have always been surrounded by artists, musicians, actors and book-lovers.  My father was himself an artist, and my mother encouraged reading, theatre trips, concerts, home plays and artistic endeavors.

I  was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  During World War II the city became a destination for people from different corners of the former Soviet Union.  Writers and workers, scientists and government officials, party bosses and peasants lived side by side.  Evacuees from Russia, Ukraine and Moldavia, from the annexed territories of Eastern Poland and the Baltic states, were looking for shelter, often to save their lives.  So I grew up in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for other cultures.

As I grew older I spent a lot of time in my father’s studio surrounded by artists. Some of them, my father included, became my mentors.  I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and started my journey at an art college as a 14 year old, later graduating from the Benkov College of Arts in Tashkent, and then gaining my Bachelor of Arts from Saint Petersburg University (then called Leningrad).

In 1989 I migrated to Australia, and became a citizen in 1991.


Bachelor of Arts, Saint Petersburg University


1993 – ‘Lady of St Kilda’ spanning the railway bridge, Carlisle St, Balaclava/St Kilda.  Mural/Sculpture commissioned by St Kilda City Council, Melbourne, Australia.  Restored by City of Port Phillip 2014/2015.


2020 – Portrait of the Sultan of Johor installed in the National Mersing Museum in Malaysia


Self Expression

The Jackman Gallery, St Kilda, Australia


Fantastic Universe

Goya Galleries, Docklands, Australia


Dogs Bar, St Kilda, Australia


Malvern Town Hall, Malvern, Australia


St Kilda Town Hall, St Kilda, Australia


Online exhibition


Online exhibition

Bluethumb Gallery